Thursday, October 23, 2008


hey yall sorry its took so long for another post but i have been really busy trying to get stuff ready for the little bit of christmas i have actually tried something new i hope you don't get mad at me amber for trying to do some of these myself they still don't look as good as yours i so wish i could just stay at home and do these all day long and keep jordan at home with me and take rylee to school and pick her up everyday one of these days i might get the chance but anyways tell me what you think about these

Saturday, October 4, 2008

what new

It has been a very long day Roy is on call at work it all started this morning we had a harvest fest in town today starting with a parade at 10 rylee and jordan ended up riding on the learning tree ( the daycare) float.. my parents and my aunt and cousin came to see them ride in the parade after that my parents came back to our house and we were all going to go out and eat when we were on our way Roy got called into work great so Jordan and i rode in our car and my parents and rylee rode in there truck we went to eat and go get grocies jordan and i got back to the house about 4 something and embroyered some things and then we went and see my cuz jenn she is preg with her third child but her first two kids did not make it she she is on complete bed rest right now if she can make it two weeks she can have abby in jonesboro if not she has to go to little rock i hope she can hold off two weeks so she can have abby in jonesboro so i can go and see her she is a blessing well after that jordan and i went to get rylee from my mom and dads and head home roy finally got home about 7 and we ate a quick supper rylee was so tired she fell asleep at supper and alittle while ago they called roy back out anyways here is some pics of stuff did and some stuff i embroyered .